Folyamatos online vízminőség monitoring. Ez a HydroLog.

Continuous Water
Quality Monitoring

This is HydroLog

HydroLog System is a cutting edge integrated water quality monitoring system providing continuous measurement, automatic data collection and online data visualization. HydroLog System revolutionizes water sampling and quality monitoring practices and improves water treatment management.

About HydroLog


  • Automatic and continuous data collection
  • Modular application of sensor sets
  • Comfortable data access on PC or smartphone
  • Visualization of real-time data
  • Comparison charts
  • Autonomous energy with solar power
    (HydroLog Drift)
  • Alerting email and SMS when limit exceeded


  • Automatic and continuous data collection
    high-precision & real-time data access
  • More effective water treatment management
  • Prevents water damages
  • Enables fast, preventive and targeted interventions in case of harmful effects
  • Current water quality values are online available
  • Stable, long-time operation without any maintenance

Recommended to

Water management authorities
Water agencies
Water reservoirs
Sewage treatment plants
Fish farms
National parks
Natural beach operators

Main Elements

A rendszer elemei

Data collection node

  • Custom designed board
    (with low-power microcontroller)
  • Charge controller
  • Remote management and firmware upgrade
  • Modular application of sensor sets
  • Solar/Grid power (20W, 12V)
  • 3G communication module

Sensor sets

  • The standard sensor set can measure:
    pH, redox potential, temperature, salinity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen
  • Upon costumer’s demands, HydroLog can be installed with an extended sensor set, measuring any combination of the following parameters: nitrite, nitrate, ammonia, ammonium, depth, fluorescent dissolved organic matter, chloride, turbidity, total algae

Online Data Access

  • HydroLog Dashboard

    HydroLog Dashboard

    Dashboard shows realtime measured data of the default location. On the visualized map it is easy to switch between locations. Clicking on any data box past-periods data for the last one day / week / month / year is visualized.

  • Kombinált grafikonos nézet

    Combined view with charts

    Combined view offers a plenty of comparing functions:

    Any node (buoy) and any number of any data type may be added to the chart. Data queries can be made for any time interval.

  • Riportok


    HydroLog reports can be exported to Excel and can be used for any external processing.

  • HydroLog Dashboard

    HydroLog for smartphones

    HydroLog customers can easily access the system from anywhere on the mobile optimized HydroLog web application. This new, simplified interface provides real-time water quality data from any measurement station.

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  • Stable, massive buoy drifting on
    water surface, securely anchored
    to the ground
  • Radio communication module
    (433 MHz, range ≈ 1 km)
  • Autonomous energy with solar power
  • Mesh network for data transmission
  • Gateway communication tool (able to collect and transmit data of 10 nodes)
  • Continuous data collection
  • The standard sensor set can measure: pH, redox potential, temperature, salinity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen


  • Cost-effective solution for continuous water quality monitoring
  • Mounted on the shore in a weather proof box
  • Connected sensors placed in the water
  • Integrated 3G communication module
  • Grid power, battery powered operation and alerting in case of power outage
  • Basic sensor set: dissolved oxygen
    and temperature
  • Modular application of further sensor types (pH, redox potential, salinity, conductivity)


HydroLog water quality monitoring system has been created by WSN AQUA Ltd. Our company is a start-up based in Bicske.

WSN AQUA Ltd. was founded by a technology provider and a venture capital fund investment fund and set it’s mission to become a market leader for automated water monitoring systems.

Do you have any questions related to HydroLog? For further information please contact us!

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Sándor Szabó, PhD

managing director
+36 70 318 1959
Dr. Hajas Zoltán

Zoltán Hajas Dr.

product manager
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